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Grand Theft Auto IV Full Free Download - Zip File

Grand Theft Auto IV (Full) For PC | Zip File Free Download
gta 4
GTA 4 Full Zip File For Pc Free DownloadGrand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition Free Download setup in single direct link. Grand Theft Auto IV is an action adventure game.Grand Theft Auto IV is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective.
                      Players complete missions-linear scenarios with set objectives-to progress through the story. It is possible to have several active missions running at one time, as some missions require players to wait for further instructions or events.Game that boasts a plethora of online multiplayer features in addition to its lengthy story mode. It's not without some flaws, but GTA IV is undoubtedly the best Grand Theft Auto yet".
                                       Also exclusive to the PC version is the Video Editor feature, which enables you to record short replays and then combine them later into a video, with the option to add filters, transitions, custom camera angles, music and text overlays. The footage can then be exported to your hard drive or shared with the Rockstar Social Club community via Social Club TV, which is basically Rockstar's version of the popular video site YouTube.
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    Grand Theft Auto IV For - Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition (Full) Free Download | Zip File
Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition (Full) Free Download | Zip File
Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition (Full) Free Download | Zip File
Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition (Full) Free Download | Zip File

Grand Theft Auto IV - Features:

  • Single and multiplayer mode is available.
  • Real world vehicles, helicopters and boats.
  • Published by Rock star games.
  • A mobile phone for communication.
  • Different type of weapons.
  • An open world action adventure game.
  • No hard and fast rules.
  • Player can steal the cars.
  • Player can do many things.
  • Several interesting missions.
  • Player can also do free roaming.
How To Download GTA 4 Below Give You Video Check This:
[youtube src="-aFrKlkT2l4"/]

GTA 4 - System Requirement's

  • Operating System - Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
  • CPU - Core 2 Duo
  • RAM - 1 GB
  • Hard Disk (HDD) - 16 GB.
Last Update (28, March 2017) All Check The Links Working

GTA 4 - Download Link Below:

Must BE READ - if you are using (server 1) then please download this file also and first extract then replace this file exact location where you extract gta 4 because i found this file is not fully size.
TAKE NOTE - SOME PEOPLE SAY (GTA IV ZIP - SERVER 2) is properly not extract so i suggest use our (GTA 4 ZIP - SERVER 1 and password is and (GTA 4 ISO FILE - SERVER 3) because we manually checked and upload again.

GTA IV - ## Camera Shake Fix ##

  • Right click on .zip file and choose "Extract Here".
  • Copy 2 files in to your game directory.

Notepad++ For PC Download
Download Notepad++ For PC - Hi friends, i going to share Notepad++ application. Notepad++ application easy to install with each update it is easier and extremely stable. the options are easy to handle and with many options to configure and compatibility. this project, based on the Scintilla edit component (a very powerful editor component), written in C++ with pure win32 api and STL (that ensures the higher execution speed and smaller size of the program), is under the GPL Licence.

The supported programming languages: ASP, Ada, ASCII art, Assembly, AutoIt, BAT, C, C#, C++, Caml, CSS, doxygen, FORTRAN, HTML, Haskell, Java, javascript, KiXtart, Lisp, Lua, makefile, Matlab, Objective-C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PostScript, Python, Ruby, Scheme, Unix Shell Script, Smalltalk, SQL, Tcl, TeX, Verilog, VHDL, VB/VBScript, XML.
Notepad++ software are available on this (netblogbox) site. I have uploaded the software to third party website you can easily download and also use enjoy!!!

Features Of Notepad++

  • Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding
  • User Defined Syntax Highlighting
  • Auto-completion
  • Multi-Document
  • Multi-View
  • Regular Expression Search/Replace supported
  • Full Drag ‘n’ Drop supported
  • Dynamic position of Views
  • File Status Auto-detection
  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Multi-Language environment supported
  • Bookmark
  • Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting
  • Macro recording and playback

Screenshots - Notepad++

[tab] [content title="Technical Information"]
  • Filename: Notepad++ Setup
  • Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
  • Languages: Multiple languages
  • License: Open Source
  • Date added: March 20, 2018
  • Author:
[/content] [content title="Change Logs"]
  • Fix macro playing back crash issue on new added “find previous” and “find next” buttons.
  • Function List enhancement: Highlight the current function based on cursor position.
  • Fix crash on styler dialog of User Defined Language dialog.
  • Fix file status detection issue under Windows XP.
  • Ghost typing enhancement: Unicode, syntax highlighting and speed support. (check the url for the usage of ghost typing on command line.
  • Add a message from outer space.
  • Included plugins:
  • NppExport v0.2.8 (32-bit x86 only)
  • Converter 4.2.1
  • Mime Tool 2.1
  • DSpellCheck 1.3.5
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Download Link Below - Server Available

NotePad++ (32bit)
NotePad++ (64bit)

  K-Lite Mega Codec Pack (Full) Here

K-Lite Codec Pack
K-Lite Codec Pack (Full) For PC - You'll find 4 different variants of the K-Lite Codec Pack. Between an exceptionally tiny package containing solely essentially the most important decoders to a big and more extensive package. It does not contain any bad, buggy or unstable codecs.This world-wide differences involving the alternatives are available below. Comprehensive differences are available within the comparability of skills in addition to comparability of contents pages. This K-Lite Codec Pack will be an collection of Direct-show filtration systems, VFW/ACM codecs, and tools. Codecs and Direct-show filtration systems are needed pertaining to encoding and decoding audio tracks and video media formats. This K-Lite Codec Pack is created to be a user-friendly solution pertaining to playing in all of your audio and Videos files. Enjoy!
Features - K-Lite Codec Pack
  • Player :-
  • Media Player Classic Homecinema [version].
  • Tools :-
  • Codec Tweak Tool [version 5.9.5].
  • MediaInfo Lite [version 0.7.72].
  • GraphStudioNext [version].
  • VobSubStrip [version 0.11].
  • Haali Muxer.
  • FourCC Changer.
  • DirectShow video decoding filters :-
  • LAV Video [version 0.63-41-gf9e1f]
  • DScaler5 MPEG-2 decoder [version IVTC mod] [x86]
  • ffdshow [version 1.3.4533]
  • XviD [version 1.3.3]
  • DirectShow audio decoding filters :- 
  • LAV Audio [version 0.63-41-gf9e1f]
  • ffdshow [version 1.3.4533]
  • AC3Filter [version 2.6.0b]
  • DirectShow audio parsers :-
  • DC-Bass Source Mod [version 1.5.2]
  • DirectShow source filters :-
  • LAV Splitter [version 0.63-41-gf9e1f]
  • Haali Media Splitter [version]
  • DirectShow subtitle filter :- 
  • DirectVobSub [VSFilter version]
  • Other filters :- 
  • madVR [version 0.87.13] [x86]
  • Haali Video Renderer [version]
  • VFW video codecs :- 
  • ffdshow VFW interface
  • XviD [version 1.3.3]
  • x264 [revision 2525]
  • Lagarith [version 1.3.27]
  • huffyuv [version 2.1.1 CCE Patch 0.2.5] [x86]
  • ACM audio codecs :- 
  • MP3 (LAME) [version 3.98.2] [x86]
  • AC3ACM [version 2.2] [x86]
  • Shell extensions :- 
  • Icaros ThumbnailProvider [version 2.3.0 b2]
  • Icaros PropertyHandler [version 2.3.0 b2]

    What's New? Change Log

  • Updated MPC-HC to version
  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.71-16-gecb05d
  • Updated Codec Tweak Tool to version 6.2.9
  • Updated MediaInfo Lite to version 18.03
Screenshot - K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack Full

     Technical Specification:

  • Title - K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 14.0.5
  • File size - 50 MB
  • Requirements Os - Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Languages Support - Multiple languages.
  • License - Freeware.
  • Date added - March 20, 2018
  • Author - Codec Guide / K-Lite Codec Pack (Full)

Download Link Below - Server Available

  Download Google Chrome Full Offline Installer

  Latest Google Chrome Offline Installer Full Setup
Google Chrome Offline Full Free - Download the most recent version Google Chrome - Offline Installation Software for everyone. Get Google Chrome the very best web browser on Direct Desktop Installer Application just to save your time. Google Chrome - is one of the Popular Browser and yes it required On the Online download interconnection. In like manner save enough time and also Data-connection we now have uploaded the most Newest Google Chrome Offline Installer Application. Google Chrome 65 is a fast and easy to use web browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web safer. Google Chrome Are Available You Can Download Easily. Enjoy.....

   Google Chrome Offline Setup Free :

If you're having Any problems downloading Chrome using the normal installer at, try downloading the browser using an alternate installer, available through the links below.
These alternate installers don’t require network connection to install Chrome Offline Application, so you can install Google Chrome while being offline Application. Once installed, Chrome will attempt to automatically update whenever it detects that a newer version of the Web browser is available. However, your network configuration may prevent the Web browser from updating carefully.
It's recommended that you bookmark this page and come back periodically to manually download newer versions of Chrome. That way, you can be sure to receive important security fixes and feature improvements. You can see if updates are available by visiting the Google Chrome releases blog.

    Best Features :

  • Sandboxing -  Every tab in Chrome is sandboxed, so that a tab can display contents of a web page and accept user input, but it will not be able to read the user’s desktop or personal files.
  • Google say they have “taken the existing process boundary and made it into a jail”. There is an exception to this rule; browser plugins such as Adobe Flash Player do not run within the boundaries of the tab jail, and so users will still be vulnerable to cross-browser exploits based on plugins, until plugins have been updated to work with the new Chrome security. Google has also developed a new phishing blacklist, which will be built into Chrome, as well as made available via a separate public API.
  • Privacy - Google announces a so-called incognito mode claiming that it “lets you browse the web in complete privacy because it doesn’t record any of your activity”. No features of this, and no implications of the default mode with respect to Google’s database are given.
  • Speed - Speed improvements are a primary design goal
Screenshots - Google Chrome Offline
Google Chrome Offline
[tab] [content title="Technical Information"]
  • Title - Google Chrome 65.0.3325.146 (32-bit)/(64-bit) [ Offline Setup Full ]
  • File size - 32 Bit = 46.2 MB | 64 Bit = 46.6 MB
  • Chrome enterpriser file size - 32 Bit = 48.1 | 64 Bit = 48.5 MB
  • Requirements os - Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Date added - Released - March 11, 2018
  • Author - Google "Www.Google.Com"
  • Homepage - Www.Google.Com/Chrome
[/content] [content title="Change Logs"]
  • Google Chrome 65.0.3325.146
  • Change log not available for this version.
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Download Link Below - Server Available

Chrome Offline (32 Bit)   Chrome Offline (64 Bit)
Chrome Enterpriser Offline (32Bit)   Chrome Enterpriser Offline (64Bit)

  JRiver Media Center For PC - Windows Download

JRiver Media Center
JRiver Media Center For PC - Hello Friends, I Am Share New Released JRiver Media Center For PC. JRiver Media Center is a fresh looking player that runs. The software is light and User friendly. A Home Theater PC is a computer that is connected to a television, a projector, or an audio video receiver for the purpose of watching video or television from across the room. Think Couch Potato. JRiver Media Center 23 is the all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub for complete control of your digital media: Audio, Video, Images, and Television.
JRiver Media Center is a multimedia application that allows the user to play and organize various types of media on a computer running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. JRiver Media Center is a "jukebox"-style media player, like iTunes, which usually uses most of the screen to display a potentially very large library of files. Regular (usually daily beta) builds are posted on the Media Center Interact forum implementing requested features and fixing reported bugs. The forum has an active user community, with more than 25,000 users as of 2011. Also available for JRiver Media Center are an Audioscrobbler plugin, and G-Force, a popular visualisation.
JRiver Media Center For PC Are Available On Netblog-box Website And Easily Download Single Link Provided. Enjoy!!!

  General Features - Available

  • Import - MC uses an internal database (called the Library) to keep track of your files and to speed up access to them...
  • Audio Setup - One of the first things you'll want to do is run through Audio Setup. Under Tools > Options > Audio, you can choose the sound device you wish to use, the Audio Output Mode, and other options...
  • Video - you need for fantastic video compatibility and quality. Check for options under Tools > Options > Video. Start with Red October Standard. Once you're sure that works well, you can try Red October HQ. ROHQ requires a fairly powerful PC...
  • Television - MC can record television signals using a variety of sources and hardware types, including via a Set-Top Box, OTA (Over-the-Air) signals, and clear channels from cable and satellite...
  • Views and Skins - Switch among these with ctrl-1 to ctrl-5 or by using the "View" menu, where you can also change the "skin" (appearance). More skins are available on the "Accessories"...
  Screenshots - JRiver Media Center For PC
JRiver Media Center Screenshots
JRiver Media Center Screenshots
JRiver Media Center Screenshots
[tab] [content title="Technical Information"]
  • Title: JRiver Media Center 23.0.103
  • Filename: MediaCenter23.0.103.exe
  • Requirements Os: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista.
  • Languages: Multiple languages.
  • Date added: March 11, 2018
  • Author:
[/content] [content title="Change Logs"]
  • Fixed: Complicated tracks linking didn’t always work properly.
  • NEW: Panel – Implemented a new theme system to allow Panel to have different color schemes, which can be found on the settings page. For now, there is a Dark and Light theme.
  • Changed: Panel – Adjusted the spacing of elements on the playback bar for different screen sizes.
  • Changed: Panel – The file list will display different information about a file depending on the screen size and the media type.
  • Changed: Panel – The file list will show the file rating on large enough displays.
  • Changed: Panel – Audio quality and video quality selection boxes on the settings page will be displayed only when the zone is set to ‘Here’.
  • Changed: Panel – Gave the player element more screen space on larger displays in a landscape orientation.
  • Changed: Panel – The thumbnail browser will now display up to three lines of text before truncating the folder title by fading it.
  • Fixed: Panel – After a file was finished playing, the player would get an extra play command when starting the next file.
  • Fixed: Panel – If the Engen server location used localhost in the address, Panel would try to connect to localhost, which wouldn’t always work.
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Download Link Below - Server Available

JRiver Media Center (32 bit) - Trial
JRiver Media Center (64 bit) - Trial

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