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How to protect blog from hackers: Do you know anything on the internet is not safe. Thousands Website is hacked by the hacker on the Internet daily. even millions of transactions that banks provide the site is hacked. So to hack your website or blog is very common. But you can secure your site to some extent. The hacker will not be able to hack your site easily. In this post I am telling you about the same.
        If you author a blog or website, you surely must have heard about the hacking. And maybe it will Had other site. Actually, it's all true and real as anything on the Internet is not secure. What happens when you can not hack the website here. But to avoid hacking your site, you have a few tips to him. So that your site can be fairly safe.

How to protect the website from hackers Working Security Tips:

 Website or blog is a must for all securities. If you continue to ignore it is to this day so you should think about it. There are thousands and millions of sites can be hacked, since the day is at your site, should also be involved in them. Secure your site is better than ever take. For it is these security tips you can follow.

  1. Don’t Share Password: Very often some new Blogger template of your blog or your blog Bloggers and other settings to get username and password details or the login conveys ID. Such cheating is a few people with you and take your important data is hacked. Think of your blog if you'd tell someone and they immediately take to change your blog's login details or delete data What if your blog. So anyone survivors tell their website username and password with the Friends/Peoples of faith to share the data not tell anyone or you'll be very fine.

  2. Sign out Your Account: If you are a friend or someone else's computer and then log out after work in it shall surely. People must just leave in the brewing and it's just you do it you get the personal computer. I mean does it have to be with you any more it should always log out after finishing work.

  3. Use anti-virus: You also Computers, Anti-virus must be in it to do blogging. Anti-virus on to her your data and reduce the risk of virus attacks, hackers can steal your personal data. Well today is the anti-virus Notwithstanding the hacking problem. But the problem of anti-virus can be substantially reduced.

  4. Update AntivirusIf your PC has been inserted in the anti-virus and last a long time if you have not updated it for you, Could become a major threat. Without the updated anti-virus is a virus itself. So it is better to not miss any updates from computers give Uninstall. Anti-virus security, you will then continue to update you on the time to time. Free anti-virus as well as to the rest of the company's anti-virus and a fine, Purchased.

  5. Check VirusAnti-virus is not enough time in the brewing of our photos in the site, content, video, and other data are uploaded from the virus. If ever you feel that your site may have a virus scan and Virus the earliest site to delete. For this you tools such as online virus checker  virustotal Can use.

  6. Cyber Cafe: I starting blogging is in your own desktop. But sometimes it is cyber cafes. Nearly 70% cyber cafe at their customers' activities is keeping track. For this she is using software like keylogger. press keyboard buttons which you also record all that happens. Make it easy and those who know the password, you'd become. So net cafe internet people before him and his blog was to get out of easy cheating if she's not with you. Suggest that you'd like an identity of its own net cafe to him.

  7. Strong Password & Username: Always keep your site or for any account to Choose strong passwords and username, password, username Mostly simple hack hacker easily take. But strong password is difficult to quickly hack. So do not ignore the tips and your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social account for each one to create strong passwords.

  8. Public NetworkYou will see a lot of free place 3G, 4G, wi-fi service Many people do it and get it. Never log on to your site just like on the public network should not be work. Many users coming online in a network and your data could be hacked. General security in public networks, there is hardly too. It is also known as Friends of hackers. Many people get free internet in the greed when it is a public network service has become a victim of hacking.

  9. Use a VPN: The cool way to prevent hacking PIN security to him. VPN is a virtual private network. These kind of masks to your site as well as your IP Address to secure safe places. Maximum Security and privacy that you Allow. Do you have a public network and VPN him do it, so hackers can not read your data. I means PIN security on public networks, you can do it.

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