Things to know when to monetize YouTube - Channel Knowledge

Things to know when to monetize YouTube - Channel Knowledge
At the beginning join YouTube monetization will surely have a lot of new things that many people feel "overwhelmed". In addition, the amount of knowledge shared on the Internet is also great, right there, wrong or outdated also, ... to make people vulnerable to new entrants "astray". This article will help you overview and go "on track" to get more people to see the video channels received, and more importantly, generate income for themselves.

Things to know when to monetize YouTube

1. Choose a name for himself:

For many, this seems to be a fairly obvious thing, but absolutely not the case. The name is one of the leading factors that viewers remember about your channel. Not only that, the channel's name has been linked to collapsed URL address, name Google Plus page, or both Fanpage , and your website again.

Today, with the Google algorithm updates, and video sharing site owned by them, branding elements were much appreciated. The name of the channel / website is the first step in building your brand in the online environment.

If a content creator started a YouTube channel with a name yet to be carefully selected, and after a while you want to change it, make sure it will be a difficult transition, involving a lot of work, as well as all their YouTube channel views.

2. Do not forget the channel navigation features:

At the start, YouTube typically shows your channel by a simple interface, the form as shown below:
Things to know when to monetize YouTube - Channel Knowledge
According to my opinion, it does not look really eye-catching. The secret lies in a small button for editing, the look of your home page into horizontal or vertical block format, which introduces to viewers about your coolest videos, the playlist you created for each theme, and possibly the favorite playlist that you see from the other YouTube channel. Not only that, you can choose for themselves in a video uploaded to the channel trailer, urging people to subscribe, ...

If you did not know how to turn on the navigation buttons to change the channel interface, refer to the video below to apply immediately for yourselves.

3. Please prepare yourself for a channel development plan:

YouTube Partner lot trouble, or secret ideas after a short time only channel development, because they do not prepare yourself for a plan to publish content on a regular basis. Keep in mind their intention for a "blueprint" of the video will be released, and remember to prepare a plan for the "secret idea" offline.

4. Join the community affinity:

The power comes from the community is no need to argue. If you are a content creator on YouTube, the YouTube community participation Partners on Google Plus, or Facebook.

Also, do not overlook the group discusses topics of your videos, whenever a new product, please share so everyone comments, suggestions for your video, if the favorite, viewing , and turn your registration will increase it.

5. Hard reply comments:

As a beginner, often attention and reply comments from viewers on your videos. YouTube appreciate all channels that interact well with his fans, and comments as well as one of the factors pushing up your videos ranked high.

With an interesting channel of replying, viewers will feel that you are a friendly and likeable, and will tend to go back to see if he / she lovely This product is nothing new or pagoda…

6. Think about income drilling:

Of course, you need to love what you are doing to always maintain its inspiration. But if you think of the YouTube channel of income in the early days, you may feel slightly... frustrated. With a brand new YouTube channel, video views, or display advertising rates may be less, so you get the real profit is not high. Instead of thinking too much about it, let's focus on creating the best products, seeking registration of more people, and then you will be rewarded..


The above are a few small tips for content creators on YouTube monetization new, hope to help you in developing your channel. If you have any tips, do not forget to share with people offline!

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